The ‘He Gets Us’ commercials have been gaining traction ever since they aired during the Super Bowl 2023 games on Sunday. Most of the donors to the organization has remained anonymous. However, founder of Hobby Lobby and billionaire David Green has come out to be one of the donors to the campaign.

The campaign was launched in 2022 in order to promote Jesus and Christianity. However, the question remained who is to fund not one but two commercials during the major football game when a single commercial costs millions of dollars.

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Who is David Green?

Green is the founder of a national chain of craft stores, Holly Lobby. Along with the He Gets Us campaign, he is also a big donor to the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

The craft chain billionaire worths nearly $15 billion. However, his company Holly Lobby is not new to controversy with regards to their religious beliefs. In 2014, Green’s company won a Supreme Court decision in which it argued that its religious beliefs have enabled it to avoid providing a full range of contraceptives to its employees at no cost, as per the Affordable Care Act.

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Holly Lobby has over 520 superstores in around 42 states. The Greens own 100% of the company. In 2012,  he also ranked No. 79 in Forbes 400 richest americas list.

A statement from He Gets Us in response to David Green’s involvement said, “The Greens are part of a diverse group of individuals and entities with a common goal of sharing Jesus’ image authentically”. Green also appeared in Glenn Black’s podcast in November where he reportedly said, “We’re wanting to say ‘we’ being a lot of different people that he gets us.”

The commercials have triggered a lot many people over the internet. They are being called racist, far right, and more. However, the campaign organizers and sponsors have come in defend of the ads.