A harrowing video of a man casually shooting a homeless man in broad daylight in St. Louis, Missouri is going viral on social media. The shooting in question took place in the heart of downtown, outside The Globe Building, on Tuesday, February 28.

Witnesses who recorded the video as well as saw it happen were traumatized by the incident. Some of them also claimed to have seen both the suspect and the victim fighting outside the gas station a few moments before the shooting took place. The suspect, who was later identified as Deshawn Thomas, fled the scene of the crime. However, he was later arrested at a public library.

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The victim was identified by the St. Louis Dispatch as David Saldana who was in his 40s.

Warning: The following video might be too graphic for some readers.

Who is Deshawn Thomas?

The shooter has been identified as Deshawn Thomas, who is 23 years old. He has now been charged with first-degree murder.

In the video, the shooter, identified as Deshawn Thomas can be seen loading his gun and taking his own time as he stands beside the homeless man. Just before the shots are fired, the victim then raises his arms.

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The authorities are yet to find out if  Deshawn already has a criminal background. The motive behind the shooting is still unknown.

The police said Thomas, was taken into custody hours after the shooting when he was spotted by an officer on patrol. The officer who spotted him called for backup, and police arrested Thomas as he entered the St. Louis Public Library. He was arrested without incident. The officers said they found a gun and bullet casing on him.