Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was rushed to the hospital after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, sparking speculation of a possible poisoning.

The Belarusian leader’s personal life has been a source of intrigue. Let’s look at his wife:

Who is Galina Lukashenko?

Galina Lukashenko, the wife of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, has remained a figure of intrigue and speculation. While they are still legally married, their relationship has been estranged since shortly after Lukashenko assumed office. Here’s an overview of Galina Lukashenko and her connection to the long-standing Belarusian leader.

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The Background of Alexander Lukashenko:

Before delving into Galina Lukashenko’s story, it is important to understand the political career of her husband, Alexander Lukashenko. Born in 1954, Lukashenko worked as a director of a state farm and served in the Soviet Border Troops and the Soviet Army. He became the President of Belarus in 1994 and has since been known for his authoritarian rule, often referred to as the “last dictator” in Europe.

The Controversial Presidency:

Lukashenko’s presidency has been marred by allegations of electoral fraud, restrictions on media freedom, and human rights abuses. The disputed 2020 presidential election sparked massive anti-government protests, leading to Lukashenko’s legitimacy being questioned by the international community. As of now, he is not recognized as the legitimate president by the United Kingdom, the European Union, or the United States.

Speculations about Alexander Lukashenko’s Health:

In May 2023, Alexander Lukashenko made headlines due to speculation about his health. He missed a significant state celebration and was seen in public with a bandaged hand, appearing visibly tired. However, Lukashenko’s office released pictures of him visiting an army control point, aiming to put an end to the speculation surrounding his well-being.

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Galina Lukashenko: Estranged from her Husband:

Alexander Lukashenko married his high school sweetheart, Galina Lukashenko, in 1975. Despite their continued legal marriage, the couple has been separated for approximately 30 years, with Galina living apart from her husband since he assumed the presidency. In a 2014 interview, Lukashenko revealed that they had not lived together for three decades, citing his desire to avoid traumatizing their adult sons as the reason for not getting a divorce.


While Galina Lukashenko remains married to Alexander Lukashenko on paper, their relationship has been distant for many years. Her presence or involvement in public affairs is virtually non-existent, and the couple’s estrangement has added another layer of curiosity surrounding the Belarusian leader and his personal life.