Abbott, or Greg Wayne Abbott, is the governor of Texas. Abbott is currently
facing criticism from families of the victims of the Uvalde massacre who want
their governor to do more gun laws to ensure such an incident does not happen
. On Saturday, hundreds of people marched to Austin, Texas demanding
greater gun control in the state which has historically been extremely protective
of the constitutional right to carry firearms.

The Uvalde massacre was one of
the deadliest school shootings in United States’ history. An 18-year-old man,
Salvador Ramos, opened fire at Robb Elementary School killing 21 people, 19
students and two teachers.

Who is
Greg Abbott?

Abbott, the Texas Governor, was born on November 13, 1957. He is 64 years old.
A member of the Republican Party, Abbott has served as governor of Texas since
2015. Abbott was born at Wichita Falls in Texas and is of English descent. His
father Calvin Roger Abbott was a stockbroker and insurance agent while his
mother Doris Lechristia Jacks Abbott was a homemaker.

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Abbott earned
a bachelors degree in business administration specialising in finance from the
University of Texas at Austin in 1981. There, he was a member of the Young
Republicans Club. It was at Austin that he met his later wife, Cecilia Phalen.
In 1984, Greg Abbott earned his Juris Doctor degree from Vanderbilt University
Law School in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Greg Abbott
had a splendid judicial career starting as a state trial judge in Houston. He
was then appointed to the Texas Supreme Court. In 2002, Greg Abbott was elected
attorney general of Texas. He went on to serve as the state’s attorney general
for three consecutive terms until he became governor in 2015. During a speech
in 2013, Abbott had famously said, “I go into the office in the morning, I sue
Barack Obama and then I go home.”