Ishan Daya, CEO at Crafty Delivers in Chicago, was filmed ripping down posters in a Jewish neighborhood in NYC of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas.

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Who is Ishan Daya?

Ishan Daya, an alumnus of Northwestern with a background in flute performance, has charted a career path that diverges significantly from the traditional. His approach to learning from diverse experiences was instilled early on, beginning with his initial job at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Since those formative days, Daya’s journey has undergone considerable evolution.

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Following his graduation, Daya entered the world of consulting, contributing his skills to McKinsey for a number of years. However, his entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to embark on a new venture alongside three fellow Northwestern alumni. Over the years, this initiative has burgeoned, with the team expanding from a modest nine members in 2017 to its current size of 51 individuals. Their collective efforts are directed towards expanding the company’s scope beyond its original focus on office happy hours.