James Craig, a Colorado-based dentist, has been accused of poisoning his wife, Angela Craig, with arsenic and cyanide. James Craig allegedly committed the crime to begin a new life with his lover, an orthodontist, with whom he had exchanged sexually explicit emails. The 45-year-old dentist was arrested on Sunday and charged with first-degree murder.

Who is James Craig?

According to court documents, James Craig had been researching undetectable poisons and purchased crystaline metalloid arsenic from Amazon.com, which was delivered to their $1.3 million home on March 4. He allegedly made his wife a pre-workout shake with extra protein on March 6, and Angela Craig complained of feeling faint and dizzy shortly after. She was admitted to the hospital but discharged the same day.

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Her sister told police that James Craig had drugged his wife about five years ago because he had planned to commit suicide and didn’t want her to stop him. On March 8, the dentist allegedly bought a rush delivery of potassium cyanide, which arrived at his dental office on March 13. Meanwhile, his wife was readmitted to the hospital on March 9 and remained there for five days, aligning nicely with a two-day visit from his paramour.

Angela Craig was discharged from the hospital on March 15, but one day later, she suffered a severe seizure and was rushed to the intensive care unit. She was pronounced brain-dead and later taken off life support.

Craig’s wife returned to Denver the next day. Angela Craig’s sister, Toni Kofoed, told investigators that James Craig had multiple affairs with several women and was addicted to pornography since he was a teenager. 

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Police launched an investigation after James Craig’s business partner reported his suspicion that the dentist had poisoned his wife. Craig has denied any involvement and claimed that his wife had asked him to order the cyanide, implying that she wanted to commit suicide.

“In totality, this investigation has proven that James has gone to great lengths to try and end his wife’s life,” wrote Aurora Police Detective Bobbi Olson in the affidavit.

James Craig’s troubled marriage, financial difficulties, and alleged sinister plot to murder his wife are described in detail in the charging document. He has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly fatally poisoning his wife, Angela Craig.