A suspect has been detained by authorities in connection with the death of Jenean Chapman, 46, a former personal assistant to the Duchess of York. Earlier this week, Chapman’s body was found in a Dallas apartment.

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Who is James Patrick?

James Patrick is 48 years old. In a statement on Wednesday, Dallas police said they had identified a suspect in the case. James Patrick, 48, was captured in Austin, which is located about 200 miles southwest of Dallas. Police have announced that Patrick has been taken into custody and will be charged with murder.

According to jail records, as of Saturday afternoon, he was still in custody with a $100,000 bond.

Sarah Ferguson, the duchess, revealed in a social media post that Jenean Chapman had worked for her as an assistant in the past. Ferguson in a statement said, “Jenean was loyal, hardworking, beautiful and fun and my heart breaks for her friends and family.”

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James Patrick has been identified as Jenean Chapman’s husband by friends and relatives, who also stated that their marriage had been tainted by incidents of violence before this tragic tragedy. In addition, although they didn’t know him well, her family was aware of how toxic the couple’s relationship was.

Despite having been together for six years, they had only been married for two months. This choice had been made soon after they had moved to Dallas to be closer to Jenean’s new job.

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Her sister, Nicole Chapman, revealed that the dynamics of the relationship had been tumultuous and sporadic.

Nicole in a statement said, “We were shocked because before that it was an on-and-off relationship. It was rocky, we were aware of that. She broke the news to our mother (about the marriage) and of course, our mother told us and yeah, we definitely didn’t see that coming. And no, there was no wedding, so we weren’t involved, unfortunately” reported NBC.