Jim Lamon, a candidate for the Arizona Senate, has been a prominent figure in the state’s conservative politics. He has served in the military for six years, three of which were spent in Germany during the Cold War. He was an Army Airborne Officer at that time.

He studied civil engineering at the University of Alabama and graduated in 1979. Since his father was a construction engineer and a Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army Reserve, it is believed that he followed in his father’s footsteps.

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He was raised on a farm. At the age of 7, Jim’s first paid job was shovelling manure for $0.25 a stall. Jim spent 20 years in the coal and gas-fired power plant industries before launching his own company.

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Lamon founded and served as chairman of DEPCOM Power, Inc., a solar energy business, which he sold in 2021 so that he could concentrate on his campaign for the US Senate in Arizona.

According to Lamon, his company was an industry pioneer in adopting a “Made in America” strategy. He was of the view that the largest threat is from trade relations between the United States and China.

“Communist China is the biggest threat to our economic security and national sovereignty,” according to Lamon, who listed US-China trade ties as a top concern.

Jim has been a prominent figure in Arizona’s conservative politics. He has backed Republican candidates for public office and is investing $2 million to increase voting options by registering tens of thousands of new conservative voters in Arizona before the 2022 midterm elections.

Security at the borders is one of his major concerns. The border, according to Lamon, is a “breeding ground for the trafficking of illegal drugs, sex trafficking (including children), and even some known terrorists.” He also promised to put a stop to sanctuary towns.

By protecting borders, requiring E-Verify,  and deportation of illegal immigrants who jeopardise American communities, Jim insists that employment goes to the American people.

In order to level the playing field for American manufacturers and workers, he wants to take on China and fight back against widespread technological theft.