John R. Tyson, the Chief Financial Officer of Tyson Foods, was arrested on misdemeanor charges, public intoxication, and criminal trespassing on Sunday morning in Fayetteville. According to the police report accessed by Fox, Tyson got intoxicated and fell asleep in a home on Dickson Street in Fayetteville.

The inhabitant of the house, a woman, returned home to find Tyson asleep and informed the police. When the police came to the scene, tried to wake Tyson up and tried to speak to him, but he was not in a condition to respond. The report says that Tyson sat up briefly and then went back to sleep again.

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She said that he gained access through the front door which she left open while she was out. The police found him sleeping in the back bedroom with his clothes in front of the bed. They were able to identify him by his driver’s license.

Who is John R. Tyson?

John R. Tyson is the 32-year-old Chief Financial Officer of Tyson Foods. He is the son of John H. Tyson, the billionaire businessman who heads Tyson Foods. 

He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Before becoming the CFO of Tyson Foods, he worked with the investment banking firm JP Morgan. He is also a lecturer at Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

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Tyson served as the Director of the CEO’s office at Tyson since May 2019. He has also been an observer of the company’s Board of Directors meeting since 2019. Tyson Foods has not commented on the incident in spite of requests from multiple media houses.