Kawana Jenkins, a former detention officer at Atlanta Fulton County in Georgia, was recently fired and charged with multiple counts after a video of her engaging in explicit acts with an inmate was leaked online. 

Who is Kawana Jenkins? 

Kawana Jenkins, the 36-year-old former officer was charged with violating her oath as a public officer, improper sexual contact, giving an inmate a prohibited item, cruelty to inmates, and reckless conduct. Kawana had been employed at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office since December 2019.

According to authorities, Jenkins had a long-term inappropriate relationship with the inmate, which eventually led to her giving him a contraband cell phone on which their acts were recorded. 

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The device was later seized during a shakedown conducted by a sheriff’s strike team, which also confiscated 11 other cell phones and weapons. Investigators checked the cell phones and discovered the video of Kawana engaging in explicit acts with the inmate.

The leaked video went viral on social media, prompting reactions from people. The incident was reported to Sheriff Pat Labat by investigators. The Sheriff subsequently fired Jenkins and ordered her arrest on multiple charges.

In a press statement, Sheriff Labat condemned Jenkins’ actions and emphasized his commitment to transparency and accountability among his employees. He also reiterated that the actions of one individual should not reflect on the integrity of the rest of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

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Kawana Jenkins’ case is not the first to result in the termination and arrest of a detention officer in Fulton County. In February of the same year, Sheriff Labat announced charges of aggravated assault against Reynard Trotman, who attacked an inmate at the Fulton County Jail.

Overall, the case of Kawana Jenkins serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding ethical and professional standards among law enforcement officers. It highlights the need for continuous monitoring and regulation to prevent such incidents from happening and to ensure the safety and well-being of inmates and the public.