A man identified as Kevin Parkourana has been arrested by police in Milpitas. The arrested man is accused of going on a deadly rampage in Milpitas and San Jose on Thursday.

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Who is Kevin Parkourana?

Kevin Parkourana is 31 years old. As per police reports, Parkourana has a long history of assault and was on probation during the attacks. In January, he was arrested for allegedly attacking a transgender person with a knife but was acquitted. Police said the court records show he has several arrests and felony convictions that date back to 10 years.

He was arrested by police in Milpitas on Thursday after the stabbing attack in the parking area of the Smart & Final store, where multiple victims died from injuries.

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The rampage involving stabbing and deliberate vehicle collisions killed around three people and several were injured. Police said during the rampage a graduation ceremony was taking place at Milpitas High School near the crime area, knowing about the event. The officers rushed to the school to secure it.

Milpitas Pollice Chief Jared Hernandez said, “We moved officers to perimeter positions to ensure people inside the venue were protected and we placed plainclothes detectives inside of that ceremony. We could not have done that without the assistance of the San Jose Police Department and because of that collaborative effort, we’re able to maintain community safety.”

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San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan addressed a press conference after the horrifying incident and condoled the death of people who lost their lives. He said, “There are no words that can convey the depth of our sorrow to the families of the victims,” “San Jose mourns with you and I know my colleagues here today councilmembers Pam Foley and Omar Torres, share that devastation and are fielding a lot of very tough questions from neighbors today”, Mahan added.