Libby Armstrong, a Westerhope woman was jailed after she bit off another woman’s fingertip and then shared ‘’grotesque’ and ‘disturbing’ images of herself with it in her mouth on social media. 

Armstrong and victim Toni Lough entered into a  brawl in the toilets of a nightclub. Both then came outside the premises and ended up on the ground. During the altercation, as Miss Lough’s hand came towards Libby’s face, she clamped her teeth down on her wedding ring finger and bit the full fingertip off and the victim was left screaming for her to stop.

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Who is Libby Armstrong?

Libby Armstrong is a 22-year-old woman from Shearwater Close, Westerhope, Newcastle who posted ‘disturbing’ and ‘‘’grotesque’ photos of her altercation with Toni Lough on Snapchat. She has been jailed at Newcastle Crown Court.

Tony Laugh, the victim is a single mother of four who had to quit her job as a sandwich maker.

Both women were in a Manhattans nightclub, in Wallsend on September 9, 2022, when Lough was in the toilet waiting for someone. Armstrong attacked her and pulled her hair and dragged her to the ground. Another customer alerted the staff and both women were asked to leave.

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Tony Lough was then standing outside the front of the club when Armstrong left through another exit. The court filings mentioned that Lough went towards Armstrong with hand outstretched and there was a coming together.

Lough’s hand went towards the defendant’s face when she bit onto her ring finger. The victim was screaming at her asking her to stop. She could feel the defendant biting through her finger, said Graeme O’Sullivan, prosecuting.

The top third of her left ring finger, including the nail, was completely amputated. Lough is a left-handed who was taken to the hospital in pain and distress. She also had bruising to her ribs and knee.

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The 22-year-old Armstrong had nine previous convictions, including assaulting an emergency worker, possessing a hammer and pleading guilty to wounding with intent. 

Armstrong was jailed for four years in the case with additional 12 weeks for breaching a previously suspended sentence.