Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of killing his son Paul and wife Margaret, and sentenced to two life sentences in prison. Authorities are investigating ahead on his dozens of financial crimes, which will likely land him back in court sometime soon.

A former sex worker claims Murdaugh yanked out her hair and choked her until she blacked out during drug-fueled romps. Lindsey Edwards says that she had four encounters with Murdaugh eight years ago that left her traumatized.

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Who is Lindsey Edwards?

Lindsey Edwards, a former sex worker claims that Murdaugh allegedly beat and raped her after hiring her from a sex trafficking ring that catered to ‘mayors, judges, solicitors, district attorneys and police officers’ – evidence that was never heard by jurors.

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The 28-year-old made the explosive allegations in a video interview with a South Carolina news website in August last year.

Edwards, who was 20 at the time, claims to have first met Murdaugh on the Isle on Palms in his native South Carolina while he was on a guys’ weekend.

“There was a bunch of guys there drinking, doing drugs. They had a fire going on the deck and eating food and just hanging out,” she said, adding that she was among of group of women brought there to have sex with the men.

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“I think for the first hour we were there we were taking shots, doing cocaine, smoking weed, hanging out by the fire, and just talking and getting to know them,” she said.

Edwards said the convicted double murderer seemed “very nice, very gentlemanlike” at first.

But when the two went to have sex, “you could just see his whole personality change,” she added.

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Murdaugh, who has been earlier accused of cheating on his wife, is facing around 100 other charges for financial crimes, he has not been charged in the alleged encounters with Edwards.

Edwards has four children. The 28-year-old says she was sex trafficked while working as a pole dancer. She recalled multiple incidents around late 2014 and early 2015 when she was allegedly forced to have sex with Murdaugh. Edwards was subjected to multiple savage attacks by the former attorney.

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According to a DailyMail report, she claims a four-time savage beating and rape by Murdaugh and his links to the sex trafficking ring with deep law enforcement connections.