A Catholic school in Colorado has made headlines recently for firing a school teacher, Maggie Barton. Reportedly, Barton was fired after a photo of her kissing her girlfriend was found by the school authorities.

The school’s action of firing Barton for her sexual orientation is causing outrage on social media. Subsequently, the School has passed a statement in its defense. The All Souls Catholic School of Eaglewood, Colorado has said, “all teachers are expected to sign a contract assuring that they will live their lives in conformity with Catholic Church beliefs.”

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Who is Maggie Barton?

Barton is a gay school teacher from Colorado. Recently, she worked at All Souls Catholic School of Eaglewood. She reportedly taught technology and media. Additionally, Barton coached the basketball team at the catholic school in Denver for six years.

Barton has experience teaching a varied range of classes, from kindergarten through eighth grade. She has come to the attention of the general public after getting fired, supposedly, for her sexual orientation. The Colorado school teacher is being terminated from her duties after the school found Barton’s photographs with her girlfriend. Barton claimed that the school has fired her for breaking her contract with them.

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Barton grew up in Texas and studied at Bishop Lynch High School. Moreover, she was raised in a Catholic household and attended all Catholic schools. As per the interview she gave to Fox31, she came out to her family during her freshman year at St. Edward’s University in Austin. She has been living openly as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. However, she adds, she has been careful not to post any images of herself on social media. She is passionate about teaching and joined All Souls in 2017.

She has expressed her shock by the school’s decision in an interview with Fox31, “It’s hard for me right now to figure out how to navigate what my faith looks like because of all this”. Also, She thanked the supporters for the love she has received since the unlawful termination.