Marty Walsh, who is set to leave the Biden administration to head the National Hockey League’s players’ union, is the designated survivor during Biden’s State of the Union address, a source confirmed to CNBC.

The designated survivor is an individual who is absent from the State of the Union address and is chosen to stay at an undisclosed location. In case of a mass-casualty event which kills the president, vice president, congressional leaders and other officials in the line of succession, this designated survivor becomes the acting president of the United States.

Who is Marty Walsh?

Marty Walsh was born in Dorchester, Boston, to John Walsh, an Irish American and Mary. The couple emigrated separately but married in the United States in 1959. Walsh grew up in the Savin Hill area of Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. He was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma at age 7. At age 11, a scan revealed no traces of cancer.

He went to high school at The Newman School. He took night classes as an adult, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in social science from the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College in 2009.

Walsh resigned as mayor on March 22, 2021, the same day that he was confirmed for his position in the Cabinet of Joe Biden. He was nominated by Biden to serve as Secretary of Labor.

Walsh lives in the Lower Mills neighborhood of Dorchester with his longtime girlfriend Lorrie Higgins. Marty Walsh and Lorrie Higgins have been together for as many as 16 years. The couple don’t have a child together. However, Higgins has a daughter, Lauren, from a previous relationship with a man identified as Paul Campbell, who, according to NBC was fatally shot by police North Weymouth, Massachussetts.