On January 3, 2023, forensic investigator Matthew Noedel visited the scene of the Moscow, Idaho massacre for Bryan Kohberger‘s defence team.

Bryan Kohberger was detained on December 30, 2022, for the stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students who were discovered in their King’s Road residence. Although the relationship between the suspect and his claimed victims has not been made public by the authorities, DNA evidence has purportedly linked him to the crime site.

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According to Ted Williams, a former homicide investigator and current attorney, Matthew Noedel’s involvement in Bryan Kohberger‘s case could have a major impact.

The relationship between Bryan Kohberger and his putative victims has not been discussed by the authorities. According to Yahoo, authorities compared his DNA to a sample provided by a close relative to a company that performs genealogy tests.

Who is Matthew Noedel?

In Puyallup, Washington, Mathew Noedal works as a forensics specialist. He has three decades of experience in his area, which includes bloodstain pattern analysis, crime scene reconstruction, and shooting reconstruction, as the proprietor of Noedel Scientific.

According to his website, he lays a lot of attention on bloodstain pattern analysis, which may be important to the Idaho massacre given that the Moscow home’s walls were covered in a significant number of bloodstains.

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According to Noedel’s website, it is frequently disregarded and misinterpreted to evaluate and examine bloodstains at crime scenes. It continues by pointing out that blood stains can appear anywhere, including on furniture, clothing, walls, baseboards, and even carpets.

“Bloodstains can exist on clothing, walls, hidden behind baseboards, or under carpets. Do not underestimate the significance of bloodstains,” his website states.

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Noedel has testified in several cases and worked as a consultant for several organisations. He has also appeared on television on occasion. “Examinations conducted by (Noedel’s company) may ultimately lead to court proceedings. Matthew Noedel has qualified as an expert in numerous Municipal, Superior, and Federal Courts as a Firearms, Tool Mark, Bloodstain Pattern and or Crime Scene Expert,” his websites states.

His reconstruction method is referred to as “holistic” on the website since he studies crime scenes using a variety of sources.