Milo Yiannopoulos, the
far-right provocateur, is now out of Kanye West’s 2024 presidential campaign.
This comes after a series of controversies in which the rapper got involved in
the past months. Kanye West recently posted an image of Nazi Swastika or
Hakenkreuz merged with a Star of David as his campaign logo, which led to the
suspension of his Twitter account. 

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Ye and Yiannopoulos
have mutually decided on the exit from the campaign. “I will continue to pray
for Ye and all his endeavours,” the writer announced in a Telegram

Who is Milo

Milo Yiannopoulos, who
named himself Milo Andreas Wagner or Milo is a Britain-born political
commentator. His speeches and publishings often ridicule Islam, feminism,
social justice, and political correctness. 

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Born on October 18,
1984, in a town named Chatham in Kent, England, Yiannopoulos was named Milo
Hanrahan. His father came from a half-Greek and half-Irish descent while his
mother, Jewish, divorced when Milo was a child.

Milo was raised by his
mother and stepfather, with whom he hasn’t had a good relationship. Practising
Roman Catholic as a teenager, he was mainly raised by his paternal grandmother
whose surname, Yiannopoulos, he later adopted.

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Yiannopoulos studied
at Simon Langton Grammar School, Canterbury, from where he was expelled later.
He got enrolled at the University of Manchester but dropped out without
graduating. Later, he enrolled for English at Wolfson College, Cambridge, but was
expelled in 2010.

After dropping out of University,
Yiannopoulos started a job at The Catholic Herald. Then he shifted to
technology journalism with The Daily Telegraph in 2009, where his bio explained
as one who “writes skeptically about Web 2.0 and social media but enthusiastic
about the internet in general.” 

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In November 2011, the
writer co-founded The Kernel, which was acquired by Daily Dot Media in 2014 and
Milo stepped quit. He also worked as an editor for Breitbart News, an American
far-right media organisation. He joined Republican politician Marjorie Taylor
Greene in June 2022 as an unpaid intern.

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The writer married his
long-term boyfriend in Hawaii in September 2017. Later, he claimed to be an
“ex-gay”, stating that his husband had been “demoted to a housemate,” during an
interview LifeSiteNews in March 2021.