Natalia Harrell was arrested this past July on a second-degree murder charge after fatally shooting a mother of three in an Uber last year. Last week, an unusual petition has been filed on behalf of her unborn child, arguing his release from detention. 

Who is Natalia Harrell?

The 24-year-old pregnant woman, Natalia Harrell is arguing in her petition to be let out of jail because her unborn child hasn’t committed a crime. 

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In the unusual legal argument, attorneys for Natalia Harrell filed a motion on behalf of her fetus, stating that it shouldn’t be behind bars without being charged with an offense.

“The State has placed the unborn child in such inherently dangerous environment by placing the unborn child in close proximity to violent criminal offenders,” the filing stated. 

Harrell’s child, it added, is receiving inadequate prenatal care and is unlawfully being locked up. A video released last week showed the moment she fatally shot a mother of three, Yvette Borcela inside an Uber in which they were traveling with five other people. 

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Harrell’s attorney, William Norris, claimed that his client shot Borcela, 28, out of fear for the safety of her fetus, after Borcela lunged at her during the argument.

Harrell was accompanied by a group of men at a South Beach nightclub who asked her if they knew anyone who would like to join their group. Borcela was invited but soon annoyed Harrell after she started to “drink and dance” excessively. Later, she asked one of her friends to “get her girl under control.”

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The video showed both arguing in the backseat of an Uber after the group left the nightclub around 2 am. At a point, Borcela appeared to reach for Harrell, who then shot her in the stomach. The Uber driver pulled over before everyone scrambled out of the vehicle, except for Borcela. She was taken to a hospital where she was declared dead.

Miami-Dade Corrections officials are likely to respond to the filing this week.