Noelle Dunphy, a former associate of Rudy Giuliani, sued the former New York mayor, presidential candidate and attorney to Donald Trump on Monday for sexual assault, wage theft and other misconducts. In a lawsuit filed in New York state, Dunphy alleged that Giuliani made “sexual demands” and would often go on “alcohol-drenched rants that included sexist, racist, and antisemitic remarks”. According to reports, many of those remarks were also recorded by Dunphy.

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Who is Noelle Dunphy?

Noelle Dunphy began working for Rudy Giuliani in 2019 as his director of business development. In the lawsuit, Dunphy said that Giuliani “began abusing Ms. Dunphy almost immediately after she started working for”.

“He made clear that satisfying his sexual demands — which came virtually anytime, anywhere — was an absolute requirement of her employment and of his legal representation.”

Dunphy alleged that Giuliani offered her a $1 million yearly salary with a condition. Giuliani was going through a bitter divorce and asked Dunphy to keep her employment and payment “secret” until the divorce proceedings ended. He cited concerns that his ex-wife and her lawyers were monitoring his finances and would target any female employee that he hired. Giuliani claimed that his ex-wife would “attack” and “retaliate” against them, according to the lawsuit.

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“But unbeknownst to Ms. Dunphy, Giuliani apparently decided during the interview that he would use the job offer and his representation as a pretext to develop a quid pro quo sexual relationship with Ms. Dunphy. He was later recorded telling Ms. Dunphy, ‘I’ve wanted you from the day I interviewed you,'” she said in the lawsuit.

After a week on the job, Giuliani had Dunphy flown to New York on a chartered plane and had her stay in his Upper East Side apartment, per the lawsuit. While drinking, he forcibly pulled her head onto his penis without her consent, holding her by her hair. Dunphy felt trapped and reluctantly performed oral sex, against her will.

“Giuliani then pulled her head onto his penis, without asking for or obtaining any form of consent. He held her by her hair. It became clear to Ms. Dunphy that there was no way out of giving him oral sex. She did so, against her will,” the lawsuit said.