A man identified as Raul Meza Jr has been arrested by Texas police after he confessed to multiple murders. He was arrested this week. 

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He was identified as the suspect when police conducted a probe into the killing of his old roommate Jesse Fraga on May 20. 

Meza was arrested and is being imposed four charges which include a capital murder charge, unauthorized use of vehicle, and two undisclosed first-degree felonies.

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Who is Raul Meza Jr?

Raul Meza Jr is 62 years old. He has a long list of criminal history and has been in jail before. In 1975, Meza was first arrested and charged with the robbery of a convenience store clerk. He was sentenced to 20 years of jail time but got out in five years, as reported by media outlets.

In 1982, Meza was charged for rape and murder Kendra Page, an eight-year-old. He was found guilty of his actions and was sentenced to 46 years in jail. He was released only after serving 11 years of jail time for “good behavior”. Meza was in and out of jail due to his actions and was a suspect in multiple murders.

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Recently, Meza confessed to multiple murders to police, after he became a prime suspect in the killing of an 80-year-old roommate Jesse Fraga. According to Austin Police Detective Patrick Reed, Meza called the Homicide Division with a message saying, “My name is Raul Meza, and you’re looking for me.”

Reed said he also confessed to the killings of Fraga and a female in 2019. He said, “I got out (of prison) in 2016, I end up murdering a lady soon afterward.”

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The 80-year-old victim was found inside a closet with a belt around his neck with knives, during a welfare check on May 20.

Jesse Fraga was a probation officer who met Meza in the 1990s and was trying to rehabilitate the criminal.