Riley Gaines, a renowned 12-time All-American swimmer, has found herself in the midst of controversy as she called out the chaos surrounding her appearance at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Ahead of her event hosted by Turning Point USA, Gaines shared a video of protesters blocking the streets around the University of Pittsburgh, further adding to the already heated debate.

“When Dylan Mulvaney comes to UPitt, he gets paid $26,000 from school funding. When Riley Gaines comes to UPitt, she gets protested, threatened with violence, and attempted to get the event canceled by students, faculty, and lawmakers,” Gaines wrote in her Twitter post. 

“Something tells me Im doing something right,” she added. As a spokesperson for the Independent Women’s Forum, Gaines’ views have garnered widespread attention.

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Who is Riley Gaines?

Riley Gaines is a swimmer who has competed at both the high school and collegiate levels. She was recognized for her athletic ability at a young age, and swimming coaches quickly identified her talent. Throughout her high school career, Riley won multiple state championships and set several records. 

After high school, she received a scholarship to swim at the University of Kentucky, where she continued to excel. In her junior year, she helped lead her team to its first-ever SEC swimming title and earned All-American status.

In her senior year, controversy arose when an Ivy League swimmer, Lia Thomas, who is transgender, began posting remarkable swim times. Lia had previously competed on the men’s swim team as William Thomas and was now competing as a woman. 

This sparked a debate in the swimming community about the fairness of allowing biological males to compete against biological females. Riley Gaines has been vocal in advocating for women’s sports and the protection of female athletes.

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Aside from her athletic achievements, Gaines is also a person of faith. She was baptized during her sophomore year of high school and has credited her relationship with Jesus Christ for providing her with strength during difficult times. She contracted COVID-19 twice during her senior year of college but bounced back and continued to perform at a high level.

In conclusion, Riley Gaines is an accomplished athlete who has demonstrated dedication, discipline, and determination throughout her career. She has also used her platform to advocate for the fairness and protection of women’s sports. Her faith has been a source of strength for her, and she has overcome adversity to achieve her goals.