On Saturday night, police were summoned to a shopping center in Naples, Florida for a report of a man named Ryan McKenna punching his friend inside a California Pizza Kitchen while intoxicated.

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Who is Ryan McKenna?

Born in 2003, Ryan McKenna cheesed with Justin Timberlake in a famous Super Bowl moment when he was 13 years old, and police claim he was inebriated and fighting with friends the night before this year’s big game in a California Pizza Kitchen.

McKenna, who gained popularity for taking a photo with Justin at the Super Bowl 52 halftime show in front of 113.7 million viewers, had another wild Super Bowl weekend, but this time, he was arrested on a criminal charge.

Police were summoned to a Naples, Florida shopping center on Saturday night after receiving a report that an intoxicated guy was assaulting his friend inside a CPK, according to the arrest report obtained by TMZ.

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Police claim that a 15-year-old kid who claimed to be friends with McKenna informed them when they arrived at the scene that their dispute had gone out of hand and that Ryan, 18, had risen up, forcibly pushed the boy’s girlfriend’s table and yelled profanities at her.

According to police, McKenna interrupted their conversation with the 15-year-old and got into a fight with him. When requested to leave, McKenna allegedly refused and continued to argue with the boy until officers managed to convince Ryan to cool off, leave, and wait.

Security at the shopping center requested that McKenna be removed from the premises, according to police, and as McKenna was being explained the procedure, police claim his behavior became confrontational. McKenna is alleged to have waved his arms, yelled, and attempted to approach the 15-year-old child.

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Police said that they placed their hands on McKenna’s chest to prevent him from approaching the child, but McKenna continued to yell and grabbed the officers’ hands, causing them to be taken from his chest.

When they attempted to arrest and hold McKenna, according to the police, he allegedly fought. They then brought him to the ground, where they claim he allegedly continued to resist before ultimately putting his hands behind his back and receiving handcuffs.

According to police, McKenna was taken to the Naples Jail Center and booked for two misdemeanors, including resisting arrest and obstructing an officer, as well as felony violence on a law enforcement officer.