AJ Plus Senior Producer Sana Saeed sparks debate, claiming “we’re all Hamas,” in a resurfaced tweet amid ongoing controversies.

In a recent tweet, Sana Saeed, Senior Producer and Host at AJ Plus, expressed her views on the portrayal of Hamas, stating, “Stop blaming Hamas for everything.” The tweet, posted on November 19, 2023, garnered significant attention with 417.3K views.

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Saeed’s comment is part of a broader discussion on the perception and attribution of responsibility to Hamas in various contexts. The tweet refers to a link shared by Saeed from al-monitor.com, where she is quoted as saying, “I am Hamas, they are Hamas, and we are all Hamas.” She tweeted this in 2014, and it has since resurfaced.

Who is Sana Saeed?

Sana Saeed, a Canadian with extensive experience in media critique and analysis, has been associated with AJ Plus since 2014, contributing to the channel’s launch. Her background includes work featured in prominent publications like The New York Times, LA Times, Quartz, Guardian, Salon, and AJE.

Currently, Saeed is engaged in a project titled ‘Pop Americana,’ a show exploring American pop culture as a conduit for political expression. Despite her interest in politics, religion, and culture, Saeed humorously notes her effort to avoid Twitter arguments.

The tweet’s wording has fueled discussions on social media, with some interpreting it as a commentary on the broader association of individuals with the actions or identity of Hamas. The controversy adds another layer to the ongoing debates about the framing and perception of organizations like Hamas in media narratives.

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As Saeed continues her work at AJ Plus, her statements and perspectives are likely to contribute to a broader discourse on the complexities of political and cultural affiliations, especially in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.