Shea Sanna, a Los Angeles attorney, was suspended over a case from 2022 relating to the conviction of 27-year-old Hannah Tubbs. The Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon handed Senna the suspension over accusations of misgendering and ‘deadnaming’ Tubbs, a convicted child molester.

Tubbs is accused of identifying as a woman after DNA evidence linked her to a cold-case crime, according to reports.

Sanna has been the lead prosecutor in Tubb’s conviction back in 2022. Reports say that currently Tubbs is serving for beating a man to death with a rock, in the Kern County woods.

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Who is Shea Sanna? 

Shea Sanna is a Los Angeles attorney who is currently suspended for misgendering and ‘deadnaming’ Hannah Tubbs.

Sanna was the lead prosecutor in the case where Tubbs was accused of molesting a 10-year-old girl at a Denny’s bathroom. He was charged and convicted of the crime the last year, when he was 26, after DNA evidence linked him to the incident. Tubbs subsequently pleaded guilty to the charges.

However, since the incident happened just days before Tubb’s 18th birthday, he was sentenced as a juvenile to just two years in detention by judge Gascon. He was also exempted from registering as a sex offender because of his age.

While arguing the case against Tubbs, Sanna construed that Tubbs was male and hinted that he was using his gender identity to game the justice system. Tubbs reportedly identifies as trans.

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The now-suspended attorney used phone calls made by Tubbs from the jail cell as evidence to show that he had little remorse for his action and deserves more severe punishment than just two years in detention. In the calls, Tubbs is heard gloating about the light prosecution and brazenly saying that he was “horny for some meat”.

“I was suspended for speaking out against the Gascón Administration,” Tubbs said in a tweet. “Misgendering Tubbs while informing them that they were being played is just their excuse for the suspension.”