Teresa Williams, a Michigan police officer claims she was pressured to perform oral sex and make out with her male colleagues during a four-year campaign of sexual harassment. According to a federal lawsuit, she filed last month against three Iron Mountain officers, she was relentlessly harassed and assaulted by her male colleagues at the police department in Iron Mountain, Michigan, for four and half years until she was forced to resign.

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Who is Teresa Williams?

Teresa Williams was the first female officer to serve in a rural town in Michigan. She is 35 years old. According to the lawsuit, within weeks of being hired in October 2017, she was forced to make out with her direct supervisor Joseph Dumais, the director of police services, at a bar as a part of an initiation ritual. The supervisor and Williams’ former patrol partner also bet on who could have sex with her first, as per the suit.

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At the bar, Dumais pressured her into taking another Fireball shot and put his hand between Williams’ legs, and grabbed her genitals.

In a another incident, Williams says her former patrol partner, Garth Budek, forced himself on her after she drive him home from a bar and made her touch his genitals over his pants before groping her and kissing her against her wishes.

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Later, Budek invited Williams to watch a movie with himself and his wife. When his wife excused herself, Budek grabbed Williams’ hand and took her downstairs where he pressured her to perform oral sex on him.

“I want to see somebody step in and take action — like hold these people accountable,” she said, reported NBC News. “Just because you wear a badge and you’re a cop, it doesn’t mean you’re above the law. It doesn’t mean you get to treat people however you want and break the law and do whatever you want,” Williams added.

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Williams’ attorney Jack Schulz said this was her dream job in her hometown. “It’s just appalling that these individual officers are able to act with such impunity. I’m proud to represent her, but I’m saddened to see that there is nowhere to turn,” he said.

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Williams recalled that even as a child, she was breaking barriers as she was only the second girl who played football at her Wisconsin High School. She played defensive end and on the offensive line on the junior varsity team.