A man identified as Thomas Cannon has been arrested for using candy to abduct a 7-year-old boy from a Wawa restroom in New Jersey. The man was wanted in the city and was arrested on Thursday.

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Who is Thomas Cannon?

Thomas Cannon is 79 years old and hails from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. He was booked with one count of endangering the child after the incident at the store on State Highway 47 on May 28.

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According to a press statement from the Cumberland County Prosecutor, the 79-year-old was detained on Thursday in connection with the incident that happened on May 28 at the Wawa store located on State Highway 47 in Maurice River. Cannon is accused of putting a child’s welfare in danger on one count.

The suspect allegedly grabbed the 7-year-old’s arm to force him from the store after the boy resisted and refused to go to his car. The boy immediately ran to his mother, who was in the women’s washroom at the time, seeking refuge. The suspect had already left the store by the time the child’s family learned of the alleged occurrence.

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Police officers shared camera security footage from the Wawa store in an effort to find the suspect while they searched for them. The video showed the suspect coming into and going out of the institution, which helped with the investigation.

The suspect was described by the police as a White male with grey, thinning hair combed in a backward comb. He was described as sporting blue pants and a burgundy or maroon T-shirt. Police officers investigating the case thought the suspect had left the Wawa convenience store in a white Toyota 4-Runner.

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Prosecutors have filed charges against Cannon, stating that he is being charged with a third-degree offense. If Cannon is convicted in the case, this offense will carry a potential penalty of up to five years of imprisonment.