Trevor Bickford’s neighbours were astonished when FBI officials searched his family’s home in their placid New England town. They were also astounded by reports that the local teenager had attacked NYPD officers with a machete on New Year’s Eve.

Trevor Bickford has been charged with two charges of attempted murder and two counts of attempted assault, the New York City Police Department announced on Monday. According to the police, Bickford used a machete to attack three officers. All three of the officers, who were brought to a hospital, are expected to recover.

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Who is Trevor Bickford?

Trevor Bickford, 19, is a recent high school graduate from Wells, Maine.

According to NBC, on December 31, 2022, Bickford used a machete to attack police officers in the vicinity of Times Square in New York City. The officers who were hurt in the incident were taken to the hospital almost away and are said to be recovering well.

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Bickford, a Wells High School graduate of 2022, was himself hurt by the police in retaliation. He was shot in the shoulder and was brought to the hospital.

Officials noted in a statement that although the police have declared that this was an unprovoked attack, they have not yet determined a motive as they look into the suspect, Bickford, who is described as a supporter of pro-jihadist ideology.

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Just after 10 o’clock at night, Bickford, carrying a machete, approached a policeman outside a checkpoint in Times Square, where New Year’s Eve festivities were in full gear.

He came to New York on December 29 from his home state of Wells, Maine, and shot the three officials in the head before being wounded in the shoulder by one of the officers.

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Bickford’s name was discovered in a federal database, according to law enforcement sources, for promoting pro-jihadist views on social media. Federal authorities reportedly spoke with Bickford in early December after being informed by his family. According to reports, the suspect’s family expressed growing alarm over his ardent support for extreme Islamist ideology and his desire to travel to Afghanistan.