Dax Tejera, the executive producer of ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos’, died of a heart attack on December 23. He was 37.  His wife, Veronica Rocio Bautista, was taken into custody on two charges of child endangerment hours after his death, Variety exclusively reported, quoting a spokesperson for the NYPD’s public information office.

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Who is Veronica Rocio Bautista?

Veronica, 33, is a daughter of Rocio Bautista and José C Bautista, who is a project manager for a construction company named Salazar and Associates. Her mother in a school teacher in Howell, New Jersey.

Veronica graduated from Penn State. In 2019, she worked as a producer for “CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar.”

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Veronica met Dax in 2013 in New York through a mutual friend. 

Dax’s mother Gloria G. Tejera was a trauma nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami while his father, Richard E. Tejera, is a lawyer, focusing on family law.

Dax and Veronica tied the knot on August 3, 2019, at the La Catedral de Santa Catalina de Alejandría in Cartagena, Colombia.

On December 23, hours after Dax’s sudden demise, Veronica Tejera was reportedly booked on two counts of “acting in a manner injurious to a child.”

A NYPD spokesperson told Variety that police responded to 50 Vanderbilt Avenue in Manhattan around 11pm on December 23 after receiving a report of “unattended children.”

Initial investigation revealed that two children – a 2-year-old female and a 5-month-old female – were left alone inside of a hotel room “for an extended period of time,” Variety reported.  

Veronica was reportedly handed a desk ticket appearance following her arrest, which requires a person to make an appearance in criminal court at an undisclosed future date, Variety reported.