In a daring escape that captured headlines, Yenchun Chen, a New York City inmate, broke free from Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital using a bedsheets rope. After over a month on the run, authorities successfully recaptured him, sparking discussions on security measures during inmate hospitalizations.

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Who is Yenchun Chen?

Yenchun Chen, a New York City inmate who executed a daring escape from a hospital, was successfully recaptured after spending over a month on the run, as confirmed by authorities on Wednesday. Chen’s escape involved a dramatic descent from the fifth floor of Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital using a makeshift rope fashioned from bedsheets, a story that has captured attention and raised questions about security measures.

The escape took place on August 9th, when Chen, aged 44, managed to break free from the hospital’s fifth-floor confinement. He had been in custody since July 31 on a drug-related charge but was brought to the hospital on August 4, complaining of chest pains. It was during this hospital stay that he orchestrated his audacious getaway.

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Chen’s escape strategy was both audacious and creative. After requesting permission to take a shower, he used bedsheets to create a makeshift rope. This allowed him to rappel down to a rooftop several stories below. From there, he made his way to the street and, astonishingly, hailed a taxi. After leaving the scene, he found refuge within an apartment building on 45th Avenue in Queens.

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Authorities tracked him down more than a month later, revealing that he had been hiding in an apartment where he was found asleep on a friend’s sofa. The arrest was carried out when law enforcement officers entered the apartment and took him into custody without incident.

The operation to recapture Yenchun Chen was a collaborative effort. U.S. Marshals and officers from the city’s Department of Correction intelligence bureau played pivotal roles in the successful apprehension. Following his capture, Chen was transported to Bellevue Hospital for a medical evaluation and subsequently rearrested on charges related to his escape.

Efforts to obtain comments from the attorney who had represented Chen in the initial drug case were made, but no response has been received thus far.

Yenchun Chen’s escape and subsequent recapture have highlighted security concerns and sparked discussions about the protocols in place for handling inmates receiving medical treatment outside of correctional facilities. The audacity of his escape plan and the subsequent manhunt serve as a reminder of the challenges law enforcement faces in ensuring the security of such situations.