Americans were handed a shock by the St Louis high school shooting on Monday, October 24, which killed a teacher, Jean Kuczka and a 15-year-old student, Alexandria Bell. The gunman, Orlando Harris, was shot dead by the police and it was later discovered that he was a former student of the Central Visual & Performing Arts High School and graduated in 2021.

Jean Kuczka and Alexandria Bell’s death was followed by seven more people sustaining gunshot injuries. The shooting resulted in a statement issued by the White House as press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called for additional actions in the US gun legislation.

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Who was Alexandria Bell?

Alexandria Bell was a student of the Central Visual & Performing Arts High School in St Louis, Missouri, who was killed by Orlando Harris in a shooting inside the school on Monday, October 24.

As per KSDK, she planned to travel to Los Angeles to celebrate her 16th birthday with her father, Andre Bell.

“My daughter was planning on coming out here to California and celebrate her birthday with me on November 18,” Andre said. “But now we have to plan her funeral,” he added.

The 15-year-old victim was shielded by teacher Jean Kuczka when Orlando Harris opened fire on the students and as a result, both were killed.

One of Alexandria’s hobbies was dancing and she was a member of the Saint Louis Dazzling Diamonds dance group. After she was killed, her fellow co-dancers created a poster with the 15-year-old’s photo that was included in the memorial for the two victims who lost their lives in front of the Central Visual & Performing Arts High School.

As per Alexandria’s friend Dejah Robinson, they planned to celebrate Halloween together in 2022. “She was always funny and always kept the smile on her face and kept everybody laughing,” a dejected Robinson said. Robinson also added that she wanted the US lawmakers to work on gun control in the country.

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“They been knowing what’s happening, and they could have been did something,” Robinson said. “But clearly they ain’t doing nothing, and they won’t,” she added.

Andre Bell, Alexandria’s father, said that his daughter had the ability to make every day better. “Alexandria was my everything. She was joyful, wonderful and just a great person,” he said. He also said that despite how he felt, he could always speak to his daughter and it made him feel better again.