Ava Wood, a 14-year-old, was allegedly shot by her father Christopher Wood at their home in Baldwinsville in an apparent murder-suicide case. 

The two were found dead when officers responded to the scene after 8:30 AM. Ava was found in a bed and Christopher in a different bedroom, police said. It appeared that the father shot the 14-year-old before killing himself.

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Who was Ava Wood?

Ava Wood was allegedly shot by her father Christopher Wood. She was 14 years old. They lived at 6 Triangle Place, off West Genesee Street in Baldwinsville.

Ava was in the 9th grade. She studied at Durgee Junior High School and was active in track and field events. She also played soccer, according to police and a school official. She wore number 18 on the junior varsity soccer team, according to the Baldwinsville Girls Soccer website.

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It appears the girl’s father killed her and then killed himself. They were found dead in two separate bedrooms, with Ava found in a bed, the police officials said. Ava and her father were both found with fatal gunshot wounds inside their home. The father’s injury seemed to be self-inflicted. Baldwinsville Police Chief Michael Lefancheck and Onondaga County Sheriff Toby Shelley held a press conference at noon today to announce the deaths.

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“The gunshot to Mr. Wood does appear to be self-inflicted, so, while obviously the medical examiner and Sheriff Shelley’s Criminal Investigation Unit need to complete their investigation. Based upon their initial review of the scene, it would appear that that is a likely outcome of this investigation,” said Lefancheck.

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The police officials are aware of the weapon used, but not if Wood had a permit for it. Lefancheck said that there is no further threat to the community at this time. The BPD and Sheriff’s office are currently working on putting together an accurate timeline of the incident.