Over the weekend in Wisconsin, there were two separate plane crashes that resulted in the deaths of four people. Devyn Reiley, the daughter of offensive lineman Bruce Collie, a two-time Super Bowl champion, was one among the victims.

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Who was Devyn Reiley?

Devyn Reiley was a 30-year-old pilot and the daughter of Super Bowl winner Bruce Collie. She was the eldest among 13 children of Collie, and operated a flight training school in Texas.

Devyn had been accepted into the Air Force reserves and was pursuing a career as a commercial airline pilot with the intention of operating refuelers. Just five minutes after takeoff, the plane climbed to a height of 3,900 feet from the ground.

She died when her plane crashed at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh air show. Before the catastrophic hit, witnesses claimed to have seen the plane spiraling downward.

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Around nine in the morning on 30 July in Wisconsin, Devyn’s T-6 Texan airplane from World War II crashed into Lake Winnebago. Zach Colliemoreno, her co-pilot, was 20 years old and he was also killed.

Just a few days before her death, Devyn and her husband Hunter had celebrated their third wedding anniversary. She first met her husband at an aviation convention in Oshkosh, and on July 27, they celebrated their anniversary at the same place.  Reiley wrote on July 26, celebrating their anniversary, saying, “Here’s to living and chasing our dreams together for many more years to come with my best friend at my side.” 

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After the unfortunate accident, Hunter posted a tribute and said, “All you wanted was to make the wasp proud. You earned your ‘Fifi’ wings.” In another post, he said, “I love and miss you, Devyn Reiley.”

A second incident occurred just after noon at an airfield close to the airshow location. Mark Peterson, a 69-year-old instructor and engineer from Alabama, was piloting a helicopter when it was struck from below by a gyrocopter and crashed in flames. In the incident, Thomas Volz, Peterson’s 72-year-old passenger, was also killed.