A man identified as John Forsyth has been found dead with a gunshot wound in Arkansas Lake on Tuesday. Forsyth was missing since earlier this month. His brother said Forsyth was kidnapped earlier.

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Who was John Forsyth?

John Forsyth was 49 years old. He was ER doctor by profession and was working at Mercy Hospital for 15 years. The 49-year-old went missing on May 21 after he left work at a hospital in Cassville. The incident happened three days after he proposed to his fiance.

According to a press release from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, Forsyth’s body was recovered after nine days from Beaver Lake, where he was spotted last.

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Richard Forsyth, brother of John Forsyth, “There’s no way he killed himself,” Richard said. “Many times he mentioned he might be in danger”. He also said that his brother was kidnapped in February 2022, and was released later. 

Forsyth proposed to his fiance after a divorce settlement with his ex-wife was reached which awarded her alimony of $19,000 per month and child support.

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According to Cassville Police, Forsyth went missing after messaging his fiance saying he would meet her at around 7 am and then stopped replying.

According to CCTV footage, John Forsyth after completing his shift at Mercy Hospital, headed to his RV in the parking, where he used to stay. He was expected to come back at 7 pm to the hospital, but he was never back.

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His brother said, “We had dinner Wednesday before he disappeared, and we sat and talked for three hours. I told him this is the happiest I’d seen him in a long time. His divorce was final May 11, and I think that gave him energy for the future.”

Police said that the investigation is still underway. The official body identification of Forsyth is still pending.