The proprietor of the well-known Silver Lake neighborhood restaurant “Taco Delta” has passed away after being struck by a car.

Maria Esther Valdivia, age 74, of Los Angeles was struck on May 22 at 1:45 p.m. while she was crossing Scott Avenue at the junction of Glendale Boulevard within a designated crosswalk.

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When they collided with Valdivia, a 1999 Mercedes Benz E320 was moving west on Scott Avenue. According to the authorities, the car’s driver got out and made an effort to assist the woman. Additionally, they have helped the police with their inquiry.

Police reported that the motorist did not appear to be intoxicated. First responders discovered Valdivia at the site with numerous injuries, and they took her to the hospital.

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Police were informed on May 25 that Valdivia had passed away from her wounds.

Valdivia established the family-run company, which has been serving Silver Lake and Hollywood for 42 years. Valdivia, her husband, and her great-grandmother, who passed away in 2022, contributed to its funding.

The family of Valdivia issued a statement lamenting the passing of their mother. Her husband, four children, 14 grandchildren, and one great-grandson survived her.

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The taco stand was created in 1981 by the Jalisco, Mexico, native along with her mother-in-law and her husband. The restaurant offered a variety of tacos, breakfast burritos, long-simmered soups, excellent chilaquiles, and combination platters. Service was set up at a window so customers could either take their meal to go or eat on a covered patio.

The family survived neighborhood demographic changes, skyrocketing property values in Silver Lake and the nearby Echo Park, as well as the previous pandemic, which forced numerous restaurants to close, in the decades that followed.