Mauricio Garcia has been identified as the suspect in Saturday’s Allen Outlet Mall, Dallas mass shooting which resulted in eight deaths.

The suspect was fatally shot by an officer, who was on a different call.

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As per reports, police searched Garcia’s Dallas home after the shooting. CBS 11 reported JD Miles tweeted that he was 33 years old. Citing sources, he added that Mauricio was living in a motel and worked as a security guard.

He had no serious criminal record.

A video os the suspect arriving at the mall’s parking lot in a car was circulated on social media. He was seen getting out of his vehicle and opening fire in front of an H&M store. Media reports stated that there was a ‘pile of bodies’, including that of children.

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Garcia was then shot a picture of him lying dead was shared. Twitter users noticed a tattoo on his hand and suspected that the 33-year-old might be a member of a Texas prison gang and could be affiliated to the cartel. However, we cannot confirm that.

The FBI reportedly visited Garcia’s house and spoke to his parents and neighbors. Some Twitter users said that the suspect’s name is Ignacio.

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“The shooter was Hispanic, Ignacio Garcia, had an East Dallas prison gang tattoo on his hand, and most likely bought the gun illegally. The third Hispanic guy in a row in Texas to conduct a mass shooting, lets see how your democrat media spin this one,” a Twitter user said.

“Too many families have empty chairs at their dinner tables. Republican Members of Congress cannot continue to meet this epidemic with a shrug. Tweeted thoughts and prayers are not enough,” Biden said in a written statement Sunday morning.