Michael Sweeney, aged 70, was shot dead on Monday during a road rage incident on Interstate 75, as confirmed by the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.

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Police said officers reacted after getting information about the incident, rushed to the site at around 8:30 p.m., and found Sweeney with a gunshot wound. The report stated there were two other people in the car with the victim, but they were not injured. After the incident, Sweeney was rushed to Cincinnati Medical Center, where he was declared dead.

Who was Michael Sweeney?

Michael Sweeney was in his family’s automobile business for more than four decades. According to JakeSweeneydotcom, he is the son of Tom Sweeney, the grandson of Walt Sweeney, and the nephew of Jake Sweeney. They have been operating automobile businesses in Cincinnati since 1917.

Sweeney had four children and 32 nieces. He went to Cardinal Pacelli Grade School and St. Xavier High School. Sweeney had a long, glorifying history. Following World War 1, Walter Sweeney Sr. was Cincinnati’s first licensed used car dealer. Over the years, they expanded the business across verticals.

However, the uncertain demise of Michael Sweeney can be seen as an unfortunate mark in the history of the Sweeney family. His obituary said, “Kind to everyone, Mike was often surrounded by his family and friends,” the obituary states. “He loved sharing a good joke, especially one with a head-turning punchline, followed by a snap of his fingers”.

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As per the police report, Michael was in a Nissan Altima with two women, aged 45 and 57, when the shooting happened. The suspect ran off after the shooting in a silver Chevy that had a temporary license plate.

In a statement, the police said the homicide unit is investigating the incident and has not revealed any information, stating it is a crucial time in the probe.