Mohamed Fofana, the 4-year-old boy from South Boston who went missing since Sunday, was found dead, the Massachusetts State Police confirmed. The police said that they concluded their search for the boy after his body was found on Monday on the shoreline of Spectacle Island around 12:30 pm. CBS News reported that investigators first spotted the boy’s blue shoe in the water, which led them to the body.

Who was Mohamed Fofana?

At around 7 p.m. on Sunday, while playing at a park on Castle Island near the water with his older sister and grandfather, Fofana – a Boston Public Schools student with autism, disappeared. Soleymane Fofana, his grandfather, immediately called 911 for help.

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“Fofana’s mother said, ‘It’s Mother’s Day, I’m a little tired. I don’t want to go to the park or the beach.’ And grandpa said, ‘I’ll come with you,’ I guess. And so he feels very guilty, which is heartbreaking for him,” said Erin Murphy, Boston city councilor. Throughout the night, an extensive search was initiated for Fofana via land, air, and water, with the assistance of rescue K9s.

The State Police spokesman, Dave Procopio, stated that the search extended beyond Castle Island to cover a vast expanse of the coastline from Hull in the south to Deer Island in the north.

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Mohamed’s mother Matenjay Fofana launched a plea of help from the public early Monday morning.

“If you saw Mohamed, please help me,” she said. “Help me to give it to me, my little baby, please. Please. He doesn’t have a daddy here. I’m here with my kids. Please, please people, help me find Mohamed for me.”

On Monday morning, Mohamed’s mother and grandfather shared two photos of him, seeking the public’s assistance in locating him. They revealed to WBZ-TV that he has Autism and sickle cell disease, and is unable to communicate verbally. Soleymane Fofana, Mohamed’s grandfather, said “Mohamed can’t talk. He had his problems.”