Nora Forster, the wife of Sex Pistols star Johnny Rotten has died at 80 after battling with Alzheimer’s for seven years. The news was confirmed by Rotten, who became the German heiress’ primary carer after she was diagnosed with the chronic illness in 2018.

Rotten, who was formerly known as John Lydon shared a heartfelt picture of the couple on Twitter as he informed his fans about the tragic news. The statement read: “It is with a heavy heart that we share the sad news that Nora Forster – John Lydon’s wife of nearly 5 decades – has passed away. Nora had been living with Alzheimer’s for several years. In which time John had become her full time carer. Please respect John’s grief and allow him space. Rest in Peace Nora. Heartfelt condolences to John from Rambo and all at PiL Official.”

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Who was Nora Forster?

Nora Forster tried her hand at acting and modeling during her career. She was also a music promoter n Munich, Germany, who worked with artists like Jimi Hendrix. She was famous for hosting a string of famous stars at her home.

She used the money from her German heiress inheritance to financially support the Sex Pistols amongst other punk bands including The Clash and The Slits.

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Johnny and Nora met in 1975 at Vivienne Westwood’s clothing store, which was ironically named Sex. They fell in love and got married four years later.

Earlier this year, Johnny said: “We’ve been together some 45 years, we’re relentless. This is the beginning of a new journey with us. As bad as her Alzheimer’s is there are great moments of tenderness between us, and I try and capture that in the song. It’s not all waiting for the Grim Reaper. I can see her personality in her eyes. She lets me know it’s the communication skills that are letting her down, I’m just blessed I can be there and catch on to that.”