CNN has cancelled its Sunday morning media show, Reliable Sources, where host Brian Stelter discussed and analysed several aspects of the American media. With the cancelling of the show, Stelter has also quit the network. He released a statement to NPR, where he expressed his gratitude to the network and his team for their constant examination of “the media, truth and the stories that shape our world.”

The decision was conveyed to Stelter by CNN chief Chris Licht on August 17. The cancelling of the show is among the many changes being brought to various media outlets owned by Warner Brothers Discovery, which has now acquired Time Warner company. Licht, who was placed as CNN chief post the takeover, has been making a number of adjustments to the network’s operations.

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Notably, in February 2022, Stelter had voiced his concerns regarding the acquisition of CNN on Reliable Sources. He was particularly critical of investor John Malone and was of the opinion that the latter could influence CNN’s content output. Malone is also one of the major shareholders of Warner Brothers Discovery. 

Reliable Sources, which began airing in 1993, was CNN’s oldest-running show. Bernard Kalb was the first host of the show and was followed by Howard Kurtz, who was at the helm for 15 years. After his tenure with CNN, Kurtz joined Fox News and became the host of a similarly-themed show called Media Buzz.

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Unlike other news shows that tend to deal with facts, Reliable Sources analyzed how such facts are presented to the public, and how a certain way of news broadcasting can affect the consumer and their perception of events. During his tenure as the show’s host, which began in 2013, Stelter was highly critical of media coverage during Donald Trump’s presidency and faced criticism from a number of right-wing voices.