A shooter killed at least two people in Massachusetts’ Winthrop on Saturday after slamming a stolen truck into a building. The suspect was later fatally shot down by the police.

The truck, which reportedly belongs to a plumbing and drain company, was crashed into a building on Veterans Road in Winthrop before 2:41 pm, when the police first got reports of the incident.

The suspect got out of the truck after slamming it into the building and fatally shot a man and woman present at the site. Authorities are currently attempting to determine if the victims were trying to stop the gunman, reported NBC quoting police officials. 

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Due to the incident, which was first reported as a “mass casualty incident”, civilians have been recommended to stay clear of the site even as the scene remained active. However, NBC reported that there is no active danger to the public.

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One police officer was taken to a hospital for medical attention, however, the official did not sustain any serious injuries.

Rapid Flow, the company which owned the stolen truck, released a statement on Saturday acknowledging its ownership. The statement read, “This afternoon one of our trucks was stolen, and unfortunately was just used moments ago to drive through a Winthrop residence. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available”, reported NBC.

None of the three people who died have been identified.