The Joe Biden administration has decided to call back an aircraft carrier positioned in the Gulf waters and gives a hint of destressing tensions with Tehran, which were skyrocketing with the former President Donald Trump's administration. 

John Kirby, the spokesperson for the US Department of Defense informed on Tuesday that the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier was moved to the Indo-Pacific Command from the Middle Eastern Central Command. However, no comments were recorded about the carrier's return to the US. 

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Kirby hinted towards a lack of need for the carrier's presence in the area as the reason for its displacement unlike the strategy of the previous administration. 

Kirby refused to speak about the Pentagon's assessment of an Iranian military threat to US bases or Gulf allies.

However, he said: "We don't make decisions like this lightly."

Kirby while speaking on behalf of Llyod Austin, the US Defense Secretary said, "He believes that we have a robust presence in the Middle East to respond. The secretary was mindful of the larger geostrategic picture when he approved the movement of the carrier strike group from the Central Command area of responsibility to the Indo PACOM area of responsibility."

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Kirby did not comment on any possible replacement of the USS Nimitz in the region, citing that the US Naval forces have limited aircraft carriers. 

"We're constantly watching the threat. We're constantly trying to meet that threat with proper capabilities," he said.