A purported video of a man thrashing a COVID patient in a hospital is doing the rounds. The CCTV footage is claimed to be of Bengaluru's Oxford Hospital. The claims circulating online suggest that COVID patients, who get admitted in the hospital for surgeries and COVID related issues, are killed by the hospital staff. 

Claims have been made that the hospital receives monetary benefits for all the COVID deaths taking place in the hospital by the government and that is why patients suspected to be infected by the virus are killed and around Rs 5-7 lakh are sanctioned by the government. 

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Here's a screen grab of the viral video:

In the video, a man is seen thrashing a patient. 

However, the claims being made in the video are fake. The location label on top left corner reads as Patiala, Punjab, which makes it clear that the video is not from the Bengaluru hospital.

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In fact, the Karnataka state police did a fact check, which was also shared by the Director General of Police of Karnataka on Twitter. State police also suggests that the video is from Patiala, Punjab. The video originated in August 2020 and the Punjab police had taken appropriate actions as well. 

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According to Karnataka state police, the video originated from an Instagram account 'Mahanayaka_kannada' and the admin of the page has apologised for sharing the wrong information and said that it was fake. He added that it was edited by someone with malicious intent.