US Vice President Kamala Harris has been handed the baton, by US President Joe Biden, to oversee the spiked influx of migrants from the southern border of the United States and also lead the diplomatic negotiations with the Central American bloc pertaining to the issue, according to a senior member of the government. 

The increased migration is considered to be one of the first real-time developing challenges thrown at the Biden-Harris Administration, which did not linger from the former administration. Harris, who has been the secondary on most issues addressed by the administration, was publically handed the reins for the first time as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the United States, reported CNN. 

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The delegation of responsibility in a similar situation was last seen under former US President Barack Obama, who was supported by Joe Biden as the Vice President. In 2014, a Biden was handed over the task to take the lead on diplomatic channels of the US with countries like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, which were the primary sources of the increased number of migrants. 

An official said that Harris, whose efforts will be aided by the United States Agency for International Development and the State Department, is being given the responsibility as the President had an inherent level of trust in her, reported CNN.

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"Biden has said over and over again the person that I trust most, the person I turn to when there's a hard issue, is Kamala Harris," the official said, reported CNN. 

Adding on to the statements, the senior official said that the Vice President will be guided by her experience as a former Senator and an attorney general.