Here, we have brought you 5 simple altercations to your fashion styling that even Allison Janney can’t compete with.


Make High Waist your best friend


The drill behind embracing High waist is that it makes your middle body look longer that its real size and creates a slightly taller illusion.

Make sure that the next time you put on tight pants or skirts, it should go a bit above than the usual waist line and see the magic. Try pairing it with a tight high necked top to give your body an attractive push


Crop Top is the catch

Styling is all about creating fancy visions with adding and subtracting minute details.

While it may seem like a usual trend, a crop top is a must go for your closet as it makes your body look longer, especially when adorned with a high waist pant or jeans or a skirt for that matter.


One Tone dressing is your thing

Appearing to be a taller is a set of tricks; one of them is to maintain the color monotony and give a stable look.

Wearing one tone dress is all about that, if you wrap yourself in one color it won’t break your body into parts and in turn will make it look longer that it really is. Repeat with us, Don’t break the monotony!!


Reveal your Arms

One other trick to look taller is to show off some skin, especially around your arms.

Revealing as much of your arms as possible can not only help to make you look taller but also give you the ultimate diva feels. Try it out and check for yourself.

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