Warframe’s TennoCon 2021 fan festival is here. It promises a full day of presentations and announcements for the long-running loot shooter. Every year, TennoCon used to be a physical event but this time due to the coronavirus, Digital Extremes have gone digital. Players, this year, can expect live developer questions and answers, art and sound presentations among others.

How to watch TennoCon 2021

TennoCon 2021 will stream all day Saturday from 1230 pm ET to around 6pm ET. Here are some places you can tune in: Twitch, YouTube, among others.

Tennocon 2021 Schedule

1230 pm ET: Welcome to Tennocon 2021, a full rundown of the day's events

1 pm ET: Sounds of the System

2 pm ET: Live developer Q&A

3pm ET: The Art of Warframe - A look inside Warframe's unique aesthetic

4:15 pm ET: Community Art Show and Cosplay Content

5 pm ET: The future of WarFrame

What to expect from TennoCon 2021

TennoCon is a full-day event specifically for Warframe's dedicated fans. If you are interested in just the big reveals, tune it at 5pm ET. This is when the TennoLive officials starts and Digital Extremes will unveil the new expansion of the game.

In previous years, TennoLive has had some pretty wild announcements. New open world zones, spaceship combat, and major cinematic quests have all been revealed during TennoLive. As for this year, Digital Extremes has teased this: The New War expansion.

It was first announced in 2019 and was reported to be the next big chapter in Warframe’s story.


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