Washington Nationals infielder Howie Kendrick announced his retirement from his baseball career on Monday after 15 seasons. The 37-year-old second baseman announced his retirement in a post on Instagram, where he paid tribute to the Nationals and all of his former clubs. 

"After 15 MLB seasons, I’ve decided to retire from the game of baseball. A dream that started as a 5 yr old boy in the town of Callahan, Florida," he wrote on Instagram.

The 15 seasons career of Kendrick, who was a free agent after the 2020 season with the Nationals, included a key role in the Nats' 2019 World Series triumph. 

"I've decided to retire from the game of baseball," Kendrick wrote. "I will be forever grateful for the many life lessons baseball has taught me on this 32-yr journey."

Before landing at the Nationals in 2017, the 37-year-old began his career with the Los Angeles Angels before stints with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.

Kendrick thanked Angels, Dodgers, and Phillies and praised the Nationals. He was one of the stars of the Nats' roller coaster World Series victory in 2019 and has won MVP honours in the National League Championship Series.

"My Beloved Washington Nationals, thank you for embracing me as one of your own," Kendrick wrote.

"I feel as though I'd been a National my whole career and the wild, humbling and crazy ride we had in 2019 truly culminated everything I'd learned in my career, and we all became World Champions."