Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra on Sunday put out a video on his Twitter handle celebrating International Women’s Day. The clip, set in the backdrop of an RTO (Regional Transport Office), features a rather particular driving test officer, several unsuccessful applicants and an unusual candidate.

The clip, while advertising for Mahindra’s wide range of tractors, brings up thematic concerns such as women empowerment and, rather tactfully, champions the cause of farmers.

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“Just one word: SHAKTI. #InternationalWomensDay”, Mahindra captioned the video.

The progression of the video is rather simple and uncomplicated, but highlights at the same time the deep-rooted problem of sexist perspectives dominating society at large, as the RTO officer, upon seeing a woman appear for the test, notes without any hesitation that he has never seen any woman appearing for a tractor license.

The caption understandably refers to the name of the woman in the advertisement, which, significantly, also denotes the Hindi term for ‘power’, as she proceeds to go about the test without any hesitation.

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It is seemingly at this point that the farmers angle is brought in, as in response to the officer’s warning that the task will not be easy, Shakti smiles, saying if it was easy then everyone could be a farmer.