A stray dog and leopard were locked in a bathroom together for over seven hours but neither of them made a move and the canine came out unscratched.

It all began with the leopard chased the canine and both entered the bathroom around 7 am in Karnataka’s Bilinele village on Wednesday. Soon, a house owner saw the leopard's tail and locked the door before alerting the residents and the police. 

"Leopard was chasing this dog. Both entered into a house and got into a toilet. Family members locked the door from outside. It happened in Kadaba, Dakshina Kannada district. Later FD rescued the leopard or the dog in this case. Currently this dog kind of a celebrity in region," tweeted Indian Forest Service Office Praveen Kaswan.


The animals were stuck together in the bathroom till 2pm while the authorities decided on their course of action. The forest officers brought in tranquiliser darts to sedate the leopard and move it back to forest. The feline, however, managed to break  through the roof and nets and escaped. The dog was then rescued unharmed. 

Photos and videos going viral on social media showed the "survivor" trembling while sitting with its tail between its legs. Another video showed the officials trying to catch the leopard.