A video from a marriage ceremony in Kolkata has emerged on the internet. In the clip, the newly married bride is seen driving off with the groom during the 'bidaai' ceremony. The 'bidaai' is a ceremony where the bride and the groom are given a farewell after the marriage rituals. Netizens applauded the bride for her out-of-the-box move breaking traditional social stereotypes.

Chef Sneha Singhi, the bride in the video, put it up on Instagram, captioning “This really was fun!”.

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The thumbnail portrays a quote by famous Hollywood actor Katharine Hepburn. In the first few seconds, the clip displays Singhi getting inside the driver’s seat, with the groom sitting in the passenger’s seat up front.

After a few moments, the song ‘O Womaniya’ from Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) starts playing in the background as the two are seen saying their goodbyes and driving away.

"The fearless, strong and inspiring women” is who Singhi dedicates her video to, apparent through a quote card used at the end of the clip.

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Instagram, which generally cannot avail meme frenzies like Twitter due to media-related restrictions, saw netizens pouring out their love for the act, as multiple comments commended Singhi’s act that breaks the usual idea of a post-marriage departure with the bride being driven away.

"I love how someone in the background is saying "Dad she'll easily manage", said a user.

"Best video of yours! Such a Trendsetter", wrote another.

The video, since being uploaded, has received a total of 268,000 likes and close to 3.4 million views.