Canadian cyclist Kelsey Mitchell, who won a gold at the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics, took to Instagram to bid farewell to Japan and shared video of a prank that she played at the security check. In the video, Mitchell can be seen walking through a metal detector at a venue in Tokyo and the machine starts to beep. At first, everyone around her gets confused as to what set the metal detector off before the medallist takes out her gold medal, which she was wearing from inside her shirt. The security personnel can seen laughing and cheering her up.

She wrote a long and emotional post along with a hilarious video about her time in the Japanese capital.

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She said that she did not get the chance to see much of Japan and could not even have sushi but she loved the country and how Japanese people were kind, polite, helpful, positive, friendly.

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"Thank you Japan for hosting the Olympics, for allowing people to follow and accomplish their dreams, and to show the world the power of sport!" she concluded, before saying she is excited to watch the Paralympics, which were declared open on Tuesday, and cheered on her country.

Kelsey Mitchell won the gold medal in the women's sprint event at the Tokyo Games, finishing ahead of Ukraine's Olena Starikova and Hong Kong's Wai Sze Lee.

The 28-year-old Canadian, who belongs to Sherwood Park, Alberta, won her first gold medal at the 2019 Pan American Games in women's individual sprint. Kelsey Mitchell started cycling in 2017 at the age of 23 after she participated in RBC Training Ground, an athlete funding and talent ID programme.

She was a soccer player before she became a cyclist in 2017.